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           The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago

                       The second best time is now!!

TriState Tree Sales

Example of small tree
Examples of potted trees

TriState Tree Sales is a family owned and operated potted tree production business.  We offer 6 different varieties of spruce evergreens. Our mission is to provide low cost and low maintenance trees for shelterbelts, windbreaks, and individual landscaping use. Located in SW Minnesota, we have sales through out Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa and some sales into Wisconsin.  Trees are 2 to 4 years old with an average height of 8 -20 inches depending on the variety and age. All trees are grown in heavy duty one gallon plastic pots and have an extensive root system so only need a minimal amount of watering with normal rainfalls. Often trees planted in the fall will not need watering. Although more expensive than bare root trees, customers claim the benefits of significantly lower death losses and labor savings from replanting and watering.  Trees can be ordered  through the website or Facebook ads. Custom delivery available within Minnesota or pick up trees at our growing site near Edgerton.

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